Internormen filterelementer

Internormen filterelementer
  • More than 4000 different types of high-quality filter elements with highest dirt-holding capacities ensuring consistent filter efficiency, even at high pressure differences
  • Various filter materials, construction types and micron ratings are available guaranteeing a long lifetime of your systems
  • Filter materials, bonding and processing are regularly controlled and tested in our R&D centers
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Type   Filterelementer
Interpor Fleece (VG) Glass Fiber

- Deep filtration
- High particle holding capacity
- Best micron rating at high Δp
- Usable for mineral oils, emulsions, and for most synthetic
  hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils
- Filter fineness based on filtration quotient ßx(c) ≥ 200: 4 μm(c), 5 μm(c),
  7 μm(c), 10 μm(c), 15 μm(c), and 20 μm(c)

Paper Matting (P) - Deep filtration
- Constructed of paper and polyester fiber
- High material stability and strength
- Available in 10 μm and 25 μm fineness
Stainless Steel Mesh (G) - Surface filtration
- Provides high resistance filter elements (irrespective of the hydraulic
  fluid used)
- Partially cleanable
- Available in 25 μm, 40 μm, and 80 μm finenesses (other micron ratings
  on request)
 ISO6 Adhesive: Standard
By-pass Valve: Plastic, Stainless Steel-spring 301
Seal: P, V (nitrile, viton)
Filtration Material: VG, G, M (no P)
Plait: Stainless Steel-support wire
Metal Parts: Aluminium Anodized, Steel Tinned
ISO7 For filter elements used with Oil/Ammonia-mixtures (NH3) Permanent working temperature ≤ +176°F
Adhesive: Article No. 325315
Sealing gaskets: N (Neoprene, CR)
Filtration material: VG, G, M
ISO8 For filter elements working at high temperatures ≤ 284°F
Adhesive: Article No. 337085
Sealing gaskets: V (Viton (FPM))
Filtration Material: VG, G, M, P
Bellow: Standard
Metal Parts: Standard
ISO9 IS09 for filter elements used with Oil/Ammonia-mixtures (NH3)
Permanent working temperature 194°F / Maximum temperature 212°F
Adhesive: Article No. 325315
Sealing Gaskets: Neoprene (CR); WS 13.097; HNBR; WS 20.357
Filtration Material: VG, G
Bellow: Support fleece PS 315 (see configuration specification below)
Metal parts: Steel, zinced
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