Oilgear stempelpumper

At Oilgear, the axial piston pump line was developed to achieve one primary goal:

To provide customers with a low cost of ownership

Oilgear products are designed to last longer and consume less energy than competing products, making Oilgear the industry leader. Oilgear provide the most durable pump and control systems to produce the fastest response times.

Axial piston and check valve pumps are able to compress the fluid, which is then delivered under pressure.  This type of pump is able to take a pressure of 650 bars for great volumetric returns of 98%.

Oilgear's pumps, both Variable and Fixed displacement, have earned the reputation of being the "Rolls Royce" on the market, especially for the needs of the the heavy-duty applications.   

Du kan få følgende hydrauliske stempelpumper fra Oilgear hos oss:


    Hydrauliske pumper

Fixed  (Aksial)

Legacy  (Radial/Aksial)

Variable  (Aksial)

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