MOOG Intgrated hydraulic manifold systems

MOOG manifolds
  • Application-specific circuits enhance machine performance, reduce system cost, and increase safety
  • Self-contained units reduce envelope size and piping
  • Complete testing at Moog reduces installation time required and eliminates start-up problems
  • High Flow and Active Cartridge Valves improve safety and reduce system costs
  • Manifold-based systems provide a cleaner, leak-free solution that eliminates the need for hard or flexible piping, connectors and clamps
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende MOOG Intgrated hydraulic manifold systems 

Type    Integrated Hydraulic Manifold System 
Number of stations 1-4
Operating pressure 206 bar
Nominal flow 80...1200 l/min
Accumulator Pressure line: 1-10 l
Return line: 0,5-4 l
Pilot line: 0-0,5 l
Seal material NBR
Hydraulic fluid Mobil DTE-24, 25, Shell Tellus 32, 46 or equivalent
Hydraulic fluid temperature +24°C to +57°C
Cleanliness class (recommended) ISO 4406 (SAE J1165) 15/14/11 (NAS 5)
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende MOOG Intgrated hydraulic manifold systems

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