MOOG PCME serie patronventiler - 2-veis - Proporsjonal - Sete

MOOG patron- og servo patronventiler
  • 2-way Proportional Cartridge valves
  • Low pressure controlled, piloted throttle valves
  • An integrated proportional pressure reducing valve positions the pressure compensated pilot piston against a strong spring. This pilot piston is followed by the main stage cone.
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Type       Proportional throttle cartridge valve
Design Pilot operated seat type
Size NG16-NG50
Mounting type Manifold mounting
Cavity ISO 7368
Max operating pressure 350 bar
Flow 200-1800 l/min @ Δp 10 bar
Flow direction B → A
Hydraulic fluid
Viscosity range 2,8...380 mm²/s  (cSt)
Temperature -25°C to +80°C
Cleanliness class (recommended) ISO 4406 (C) class 20/18/15
Typical applications Metal Forming and Presses
Plastic Injection Molding
Steel Production Machinery
Mobile Applications
Marine / Offshore
Die Casting
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende MOOG PCME serie patronventiler

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