MOOG RKP-II serie radialstempelpumper - hazardous environments

MOOG radialstempelpumper
  • Intrinsically-safe: Suitable for continuous, long-term, occasional, frequent and short-period explosive environment as defined in safety regulations
  • Flameproof: Suitable for occasional, frequent, and short period explosive atmospheres as defined in safety regulations.
  • ATEX, TIIS, FM Approved
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende MOOG RKP serie explosion proof radialstempelpumper 

Type    Radial Piston Pump
Mounting method End mounting
Continous pressure 280 bar
Peak pressure 350 bar
Displacement 19-140 cm³/rev
Theoretical flow (mineral oil) 28,5-210 l/min (at 1500 rpm)
34,2-252 l/min (at 1800 rpm)
Max speed 2800 rpm
Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil and a wide variety of special fluids including HFA, HFC, HFD, transmission oil, cutting emulsion, isocyanides and polyol
Viscosity range 12...100 mm²/s, 16...46 mm²/s recommended
Hydraulic fluid temperature -15°C to +80°C
Filtering NAS 1638: class 9
ISO 4406: 20/18/15
Typical applications Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Gas and Steam Turbines
Power Generation
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende MOOG RKP serie explosion proof radialstempelpumper

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