Internormen BFD 95-130 Luftfilter

Internormen luftfilter
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Refillable with drying agent
  • Available with adapter and filter minder (contamination indicator)
  • Replacement spin-on air filter separately available
  • Seal and plastic plug to prevent moisture entering before installation
  • Protects expensive equipment, increases operation efficiency and reduces maintenance costs by:
    • Preventing corrosion
    • Extending the life time of hydraulic, lubrication and process fluids
    • Minimizing component wear, downtime and repairs
    • Eliminating oil oxidation, additive depletion and freezing of the media
    • Extending the oil filter life time
          Internormen BFD 95-130 Luftfilter
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Internormen BFD 95-130 Luftfilter 

Type    Silicagel Desiccant breather  
Nominal size 95, 100, 125, 130
Filter-fineness 10 μm(c)
Connection size G ¾ (size 95, 100)
G 1¼ (size 125, 130)
Max air flow 0,5...1,25 m³/min
Silicagel filling weight 225...1500 g
Max. hygroscapacity 86,5...576 g
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Internormen BFD 95-130 Luftfilter  

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