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Bucher Hydraulics pumper
  • Precision metering with very low pulsations, even at high pressures
  • Can be used with high and low viscosities, and with variable-speed drives
        Bucher QXP series Transportpumper - Innvendig fortanning
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Type      Metering Pump for Polyurethane Production
Mounting method Oval 2−hole flange to ISO 3019/1 (SAE): QXP 3−6
Oval 2−hole flange to ISO 3019/2 (metric) QXP 2+8
Direction of rotation CW, CCW optional
Max continous pressure 100-250 bar
Peak pressure 280 bar
Effective displacement 3,3-498,5 cm³/U
Speed max 1800 U/min
Fluids Isocyanate
For other fluids − contact Bucher Hydraulics
Viscosity range 10...300 mm²/s (cSt) - for values from 3 to 20’000 mm2/s, contact Bucher Hydraulics
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Bucher Hydraulics QXP... series transportpumpe 
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