Internormen MKS 601 Mobil service enhet for kjølevæsker

Internormen fluid management  
  • The MKS 601 is a mobile service unit designed to simplify draining of CNC machine tanks containing coolants or lubricants, and to remove contamination , originated by machining, from the emulsion  
  • The unit is primarily being used in the manufacturing industry, where the conventional service time can be reduced by 2h per change
  • The MKS 601 guarantees less change, less consumption and less disposal of the coolant/lubricant, protecting the environment at the same time, and preventing exposure of employees to polluted coolants or lubricants
  • Easy, cost-effective and reliable filtration and oil separation
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Type    Internormen mobil service enhet for kjølevæsker MKS 601  
Net weight Approx. 270 kg
Dimensions 1440 x 1116 x 1200 mm
Operation By air pressure
Reservoir volume 600 l
Extraction of other fluids Yes
Extraction of chips Max. grain size 6 mm, pilot filter suggested
Separation of other fluids Separation tank
Solid particle separation Filter fineness from 1 µm to 25 µm
Cleaning of the machine Hand cleaning gun up to 6 bar
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Internormen MKS 601 mobil service enhet 
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